Winter Sickness | Valentines & Spring 2015

I always knew the winter can come with sickness, but between me and the 5 lil monkeys. We have been sick on and off for what seemed like forever. Sorry I have not been my social self over the Christmas and New Years periods, but family must come first. With two months into 2015 I feel so distant from being online now and that makes me a little sad. Trying to get a moment to even write/type an idea down has been so hard these past couple of months. Making that #MummaNewbComeback harder than ever. I knew that this year was going to be one I was going to make changes and that I have done…. I just can not disclose them to you. The ones I have done is try to stay on top, never look down on myself and always keep that smile on my face no matter how hard my day is/was. Reason I wasable to get this month finally together enough to blog.
I was even lucky to start making cakes for the kids, mainly because they would not stop asking. I always said, “I will when the kitchen is finished” But when is finished…. never for me so I just went ahead and done it and actually had fun doing it. Did it make me smile? To see the look on the kids faces yes it did (;Will I cook/bake more often? I would love to but living in a home provided by my local council I now have to wait for them to install, and decorate my kitchen so I can say yippee! We had also made a couple of loafs of bread and cupcakes which I wanted to post but, maybe next time “Mwah”

I have always loved this time of year, spreading all that love…. I normally share it with my kiddo’s on this day spoiling them a little. Doing that role to show them why this day is special and how much I adore them all. But this year came with with an added twist. As I have a special someone in my life and I was able to share the day with them via a Skype call and I felt like the happiest girl in the world for the first time it was about me. Only me (inc; kids) I felt so lucky I don’t think I can ever forget how Valentines has made me feel