Why must all good thing come to an end!

Not that anything I am trying to do is ending. But after my really bad attempt of trying to make my YouTube Channel, I seem to fail more than ever. It’s not that I do not want to continue, just in my house trying to find a quiet 10-15 mins is hard unless it’s durning the night (where you then can’t talk due to waking anyone) was thinking I could be a gamer/YouTuber a good thing.

Well maybe 2/3 kids ago, but now there my priority. Which has made my videos just stop. I am now getting to the point where my minecraft server “MCI” is slowing down. I’m running to the ground instead of trying to make it something that minecraft players would like to play. After having so much time this week I have been thinking that maybe doing what I’m doing was to soon. I should of waited. Set my server up before I started speaking of it, creating a twitter and a website that is something else I have to maintain.
Then I have my YouTube, I ended my series and tbh I had started a new one “FTB Unleashed” I hadn’t uploaded, but I felt giving out spoilers via twitter would draw people in for when I did upload. But lag stopped me from recording my gameplay, yet I can play for hours on end with no lag at all “defo need a new laptop” I have a few idead in my head “why there not on paper I do not know” but it was only after watching back to back videos and then speaking to LDShadowlady “Great Ytber” 
I felt that I needed to pull myself together. As no one can help me other than myself. If I have my kids in the background of my videos “like I have before” then I am sorry but I can push my children out because I wanted to make a video. I have plans and starting next week I plan to use them and put them into work around my busy life of being a mother and sorting my home out. 

This completely sounds like a rant blog, maybe deep down it is but to know this is all of my chests will make me feel good, isn’t that a part of what blogging is about. I blog more than I record or work on MCI that needs to change! I need to change but will take it in my own time. One thing I can say is I paid to get some things in needed to do out the way and I’ve had a piece if it done 
         Image for my YouTube Channel
I feel lost, like I did a long time ago, maybe this is why I took a long leave to the world of the web, good thing my past hasn’t found me yet. My alias is a massive giveaway. 
Until next time. ~ Peace && Love
– talulajadeuk – “Mwah”