Why Can’t I Fly!

I don’t know what it is. Maybe I feel that it does not look much. Do I try to add more, take on more than what I should be. It’s a simple process, that I’m just not allowing myself to do because I’m making reasons up for not being able to to do, or I’m thinking of something else to do to avoid doing it. Like I said it’s a simple routine when you look at it….
Today FlyLady is back in zone 1. Now if I act now I can continue and start my flying the way I should be. I want to decorate. I can add a list of things I would like to a wishlist that I can pick off when I want/get them. So it’s dining room and entrance way… Seems easy enough. I can do that when the babies are playing or taking a nap.
I was able to finish this among doing other things that are yet to be placed into my control journal, but yet again I am getting sidetracked. Simple mission I turn into hours of my day. Then making lunch I forget silly things like sticking the dryer on and rebooting my load again. so by the time I do remember I have spent about 3 hrs on and off Twitter and YouTube. 
I gave myself a mini mission today along with trying to vlog on my iPhone which just make me laugh still, because me kids think I am either talking to myself or going to take a picture I tried to use my Elgato Gaming Recorder I got for my Xbox 360. I know I don’t have a beast computer, infact I am using a laptop, but I have spent ages trying to get it set up and it works great till I record, or till I play it back. Today was just issue after issue with signal loss and playback being just rubbish. This is a mix of a picture on another picture but you can see the quality of the playback, that was when I wasn’t sitting there frustrated at the fact I had lost my signal again.
So I give in to defeat like I had done in my matches online. I am stunned that people continued to play with me online seeing as I was losing my signal all the time, maybe it was because I was a easy target. Trying to record so I could of tried to upload to my YouTube Channel.
(Look mom I’m famous)
So I went to the laptop and tried to record via fraps and playing Minecraft which is like the only game I love to play these days other than Animal Crossing New Leaf.
But as great as it was to be recording again I am stuck in that same place where my FPS were freaking me out. I nearly died by a zombie that had 2 health left.
My day didn’t go to plan, but I tried to stick to what I wanted to try and do and done it, just I have not worked on my journal. I sit here now with my bills and stuff beside of me knowing I am trying to dodge the subject again.

Gaming will always be there when I am ready, 2014 won’t be so I know I need to pull myself together otherwise I’ll be failing again, just I’ll be failing to myself.
So I plan to work, and start right now.

Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
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