What A Mess!

I’m sorry for not blogging last night, seems I took a turn for the worse and was taken into hospital for most the night. I would of tried to tell you but I was in so much pain the only thing keeping me sane was the gas & air I was sucking to death.

Last night’s blog was going to be about family and how I felt so touched from this moment

Screenshot of Anna Saccone from her vlog channel
Plus from the fact that I had got there amazing mug in the post this week
By the time it came round to doing the blog I was hurled up in so much pain that I wasn’t able to blog at all. So I am sorry about that but I had no memory of what happened really due to taking something I shouldn’t of taken for pain relief (Darn co-dydramol) otherwise I would tell you what happened.

But due to feeling of my game I had also forgot to mention something else which had come in the post which made my day so much that I was even recognized by the person who is called Syndicate. I felt such a lucky gal, because these shirt were hard to nab.



So I am sorry that this blog wasn’t as planned (Meant to be about family) But I felt that I had to get something out and this was on the to-do list of things I wanted to blog about.

Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
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