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Having 5 children, that will be the way!

Hello Reader’s, Well I said I was running away, didn’t mean that was going to be from here. Its the only place I can be myself and talk utter madness and still feel like I have done something good, so saying that my day has been relaxed. I have not allowed myself to dwell on yesterday at all…. well maybe just a little tiny bit, but my day has been eventful. I have been on a thinking mission. I went to start working on my book but my brain said no to that idea and started giving loads of ideas for my minecraft server and here with my blog.
It felt good that I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself anymore. Reason I wanted to blog again was to express how happy I am, how I fighting depression. I wanted to start there and slowly introduce you all into my life, my kids… (My cheeky monkeys) I wanted to do all kinds and I still will.
But this feeling sorry for myself has to stop, I am not going to gain anything from it
(well maybe, someone here might tell me to shut up moaning)
Be good advice, Taken before it’s given *Winks*
So I have spent most my time today on twitter @talulajadeuk and when I wasn’t there I was trying to work on my server. Talking to my host what I can and can not do (Newb remember)
But I felt and was thinking I have not really finished here… My blog is only half of what it can be.
I mean I paid for the theme you see, I have links that lead nowhere. (Just like my book ATM) So Before I start on my server I felt a new list is in order. Even created one too. (done well)
So I need to finish getting my life in order. I kind of stopped the moment I went back to blogging, which I know I am not good at but wait…. So life in order using FlyLady’s method, just tweaked so suit my life with my children and my goals. With that I hope to then start work on my blog… Finishing the pages that are going no where at all. and maybe even changing my scrolling images to something different, even if I love looking at my adorable yet noisy monkeys of mine. 
Which leads to tweeting and blogging. I have mentioned before that I like to take pictures. Mainly of my children but I would like to set up some sort of system for myself. I feel I maybe a little too open for someone who is erm… new to all this. I mean I don’t mind being open to you all as that is how you would get to know me… but I think a little less may help a little more with the stress of doing more than what I am doing already, hence today being a very relaxing day.
With the week now coming to a weekend (yay) I will try my best to blog out for the rest of the week like I have been. You may also see changes in some places as I try to update this place I like to call home I guess… So plans at the ready. Now I need to stick to them.
Thank for reading and speak soon
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
Sazzywils – talulajadeuk
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