Week Of Sickness | Parent’s Nightmare

MummaNewbSeems as of Tuesday, march 12th. A nasty sickness bug got into the house. Knowing full well who the carrier was I was straight to work on meds. Thinking and hoping that nobody else would catch it, but I was wrong. Only 24 later another little monkey of mine was getting it. What was worse…. I was also getting it too. The next couple of days are hazy only due to lack of sleep, kids being sick, me joining them. I’ve been quite distant from the outside world this week, got my head down into planning and printing some homeschool lessons for my 3-year-old. I’m proud to say he is nearly complete. Only another 4 kids to go!

I will say why am I not American? Most of all I find when I start digging into something for home school always comes up in America. Plus there work is amazing, you can see the hard work and effort these people put into them. I’m ever so glad to of stumbled upon such amazing sites. (Which will be getting a mention in there own blog post; coming soon.) It’s quite funny how I also stumbled upon the duggers…. 19 kids and counting, and Jon and Kate plus 8. Large families with there own TV show and what was better was I looked them up to find they were on sky.

Such joy is all I can say I really had found some new found friends who dealt with large families kind like me, we’ll maybe not, but there is five of them…. That should count right ?!? It did, however, get me thinking about my two angels. Hallie & Hope. My two children that god took back with him. Mother of 4 boys and 1 girl should really be 4 boys and 3 girls, there always in my mind, and in my heart. Thinking of them both often. I guess that is also another blog I will have to think of posting. Making special so anyone reading who also has little angels knows there not alone.

I’m not sure what next weeks will bring I have my two eldest boys left who have not caught the sickness bug, and I hope they don’t. Sooner I’m better I will be back on my busy feet, 5 little monkeys intact ready to take on the homeschool challenge. My eldest has asked if for just one term could I give him pack lunch for school, seeing as he gets free meals and he is leaving school I may consider it, check the ifs and buts before I make a real decision as I will have to put Jack on them too and he is one really fussy eater.

Well, I must go, not even 9pm and I’m finding it so hard to keep my eyes open and my brain switched on. Until next time, or our next sickness. Peace & Love everyone xx “Mwah” xx