Week Eight

This year is flying by so fast, but were in July now, and as much as I do enjoy showing my crazy messed up and unplanned life. My kids are still a little wary being on camera and knowing there on YouTube, but this month…. I’d like to carry on and maybe even try and get myself on camera more which was my target last month. I am still working hard to figure out and find the time really to learn how to use the intro and time slate I have for my vlogs, which I suppose is now me trying to avoid the issue by doing something else. I feel posting videos without it, is kinda making me look a little stupid and needy. But we are all learning in someway or another on Youtube. Just with me and many others I am still at the start.  I am a little glad I am weekly vlogging as daily vlogging for me would be useless as my life and pretty much the same day in day out, which I have already given you an insight to with my last week of June. So here is to july, to my kids, to my family… and you all who make me feel like carrying on 🙂