My weekly vlog has got a little out of hand. Due to my break away from here I have not really been vlogging. I knew that doing this would put me being but I am sure by watching this video you can see why vlogging can be a challenge for me some days. Kids are not born to perform so when my kids have there off days I cant sit and stick a camera in there face. I guess I am still a little shy behind the camera. I always end up cringing when I watch myself back knowing full well people have watched me. Fear much…. yes I sit in fear of doing it, but enjoy it at the time. I hope this time next week I should be a little bit more on track. I have a lot of leaning to do, catching up on a few things also….
I still need to learn how to make an intro/outro for my vlogs.
I know I have been on YouTube a while now, but I am still at the start of the journey/adventure