Unfinished Projects !

Talk about how your YT seems to have a lot of things started yet never continued. Mention what you hope to be able to record and maybe a tempt schedule that you will work with depending on kids letting me record. BE DIFFERENT !
When May began, I wanted to give myself a target to get as much done of something in 7 days. But with 2 weeks now going by I feel I have not really got much done. I know few have noticed that I have uploaded a couple of new videos to my YouTube channel today. Yay Me! I have finally give up trying to created this intro/outro I have paid for as I just have not got the time to sit and learn and create as I go along at this present time. So yea, I have uploaded two of my vlogs. I know there are so many vlogger already on Youtube, so I wanted to be a little to them by making weekly vlogs and just uploading the highlights of what I record. I don’t know if they will be good enough as I am still noob and even watching them I felt I would get bored yet continued to watch to see what would come next… Silly seeing as I recorded it. lol!
I was a little wary on uploaded them as unlike other vloggers, and I am being 100% with you all. I do not have the best house, it may be a large 4 bedroom… But I couldn’t of picked a worse time to want to start vlogging as we are kinda in the middle of trying to re-decorated the whole house. I am not flush with cash so I am sorry if the sight of my home if a little of putting but it will get better in time… well when I can afford to do it and then of course make the time to do it around the babies around me. I have tried to strip the walls, but that didn’t work out very well. So getting to more of a point of this blog everyone, I feel planning ahead for the time being is best suited for me. I say that in plans towards YouTube. I know what I want to do… But I will not say anything other than that in case that changes. Mainly my kids, my family come first, I know that may be stubborn to say and that saying this will not get me anywhere on YouTube. I am not looking for fame on YouTube, I am not looking to earn some cash, I am just wanted to share something I love, which is playing games and being with my family. So I will love & leave you all. Not that anyone reads these post of mine….. but its nice to think that someone out there might be. Until my next post….

Peace && Love