Totally Not Fashion

I have been doing what us women and also men do best, splashing out on new things. I have spent the longest time trying to get my house in order as I have lived here for quite sometime now and its not looking like its been loved at all. yet I buy go out and buy gaming equipment, or food, or clothes because I am just random. But I have been buying a few odds and sods some which have been used and some I felt I had to share with you. I was thinking of doing a vlog about this also but I am still somewhat scared to be behind the camera mainly because of a few various reason that I am not going to share, but the fear will soon fade I hope.
These little things have seem to become a new thing in our house
After watching #sacconejolys old videos I couldnt help myself and had to buy one 🙂
I planned a great day of fun for the kids with a cupcake party which they loved
I think I am addicted to Yankee Candle I can’t think why that is
I got this as +Anna Saccone  uses it for her daughter. So I wanted to try it out on my daughter.
I am always looking for lotions for mine and the kids skin, this just seemed really great