Total Talent Express | @LydiaWinters

Is it normal to feel somewhat scared about writing about someone you like to see. I am a fan of a lot of people, I will try out anything once, but there are some people in my life that I can not bare to be without. Today I wanted to share what I call talent. By there numbers you will see why and the fact they have put so much hard work into what they have done to get them where they are today. I  think, I feel that showing my love for them is a must for me. It can be hard to start a YouTube Channel, everyone is out to make there videos that are all kind of the same, it just depends on the person making the videos. I think that is why I have a close knit of subs I follow on a daily basis. I am sure you will know who they are if you follow me on twitter as I am always liking there videos. But to the spotlight as I could talk all day me “Haha”
This Week, my spotlight is dedicated to: Lydia Winters aka MinecraftChick
If you know Lydia and to see where she is now is outstanding and proves that you can get better at Minecraft if you learn, and that gives me real hope as I am uber terrible at Minecraft. One thing is for certian, Watching her videos if your new to minecraft can really teach you a few things be that as the player or someone letting a child play. Which was both for me as I have small children who wanted to play on the xbox and via the laptop. I was wary till I began to watch videos like Lydia’s series. She is a very important part into the reason I play minecraft.
Please Check out her links 😀