Total Talent Express | @JonathanJoly

Is it normal to feel somewhat scared about writing about someone you like to see. I am a fan of a lot of people, I will try out anything once, but there are some people in my life that I can not bare to be without. Today I wanted to share what I call talent. By there numbers you will see why and the fact they have put so much hard work into what they have done to get them where they are today. I  think, I feel that showing my love for them is a must for me. It can be hard to start a YouTube Channel, everyone is out to make there videos that are all kind of the same, it just depends on the person making the videos. I think that is why I have a close knit of subs I follow on a daily basis. I am sure you will know who they are if you follow me on twitter as I am always liking there videos. But to the spotlight as I could talk all day me “Haha”
This Week, my spotlight is dedicated to: Jonathan Joly, Vlogger/YouTuber/Husband/Daddy.. The List Goes On 😛
I have been uber excited to have Jonathan  showcased on my blog because this man alone has helped me so much, helped to open my eyes and see that life is worth living. There are so many reason to why I have wanted him on my blog, being depressed, He has helped to take me out of a dark place. To see that I can do what I want if I put my heart into it. I love how much hard work he has put into his youtube channel by vlogging… All he does I hope to inspire to become. He makes me laugh when I am feeling low, If not him then his wife, He makes me feel like I am never alone in what I do and I like that him and his family are there for people to see. Because I see and I thank him for showing me the right path in which to go down so I can try and become a better person within myself.