One Day Late But I’m Here. | First Blog Post


The blog that made the 1st post.

Hello, I’m talulajadeuk aka MummaNewb. Real Name “Sammi Wilson”

I should start by saying welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It has been the longest time since I ever wrote in a blog, it’s been that long that I have grown up in so many ways and become a mum to five amazing children. It was due to a long overdue yet recent decision that this blog has come about and I am ever so glad that I have started.

I’m a stay at home mother and have been since the pregnancy of my third child. I gave up studying in university to raise my kids full time, and it’s has had it’s ups and downs along the way but I would never look back. People think that I have a lot on my plate but to be honest, I don’t see it. Each day has its challenge. Doesn’t everyone else have a household like that? I am quite keen on keeping things organised the best I can, most of the time it’s either in my head or typed out on my iPhone or iPad. I love creating ways to spend with my kids before they grow up.

My only problem is that I am quite a loner, I have loads of friends where I live, but spending 99% of my time at home it can be a little scary when the only conversation you have is with children under 16 years of age. I am a big kid a heart so sometimes it’s not too bad. Haha!

Saying that I must admit that over the years I have gained quite a lot of clutter…. I try my best to sort it all out but with 3 kids under 4 at home I find it hard to get the time to do anything in the house, but my heart is in it where my hands are not. I do however get moments from time to time where I am able to have a shuffle around rooms which keeps me sane. As I get bored of the layout of my home easy, saying that I’ve only been living in this house for 8 months. I’m treating it like a canvas which is a big no to me as I have big ideas for my home and what’s inside it. Which I hope to share along this blogging journey I hope to be able to take.

talulajadeukI suppose I should mention to anyone who knows me that not only is my lifestyle busy with my children, but I also try to tackle the writing world. I have spent the last 11 years trying to write my own novel, over them years I was able to meet so many people who branched my book to a whole new level, but now it comes to the actual book which has 9 books so far in the series getting the ball moving is so hard to get going. Only due to being the way I am, everything to do with the book has to have its own list, has to be organised and sectioned then organised again. So to still be working own my characters is just typical for me. Yet the book has finally started and has slowly been in progress since 2010. Good thing my characters have grown on me and become a natural part of my life in my crazy and wacky way.

I like to keep busy if you have not guessed, I get stressed out when I have nothing to do so I try to plan ahead and get various things done in a mass way from shopping to cooking, to cleaning and decorating… To writing my book and raising my children the best way I can. Typing children I added this year homeschooling, my two eldest are in mainstream school but I feel that teaching them at home is just and added bonus to them as they get older. So I have a 2013/2014 homeschool year to plan for which should be fun seeing as I would like to start their school year in April. When I have that set up I want to tackle cooking as I know how to cook but would like to do it more, still do not know when that will come about unless I am cooking with my kids. So it should be interesting to start something new and add it along to all I do on a daily basis.

I bet now after reading you are wondering how you could place yourself in this well, I am hoping that after reading other people’s blogs for years I will be able to share my views and ideas I teach myself and my children. How as a Brit I can teach an American homeschool system to my children,  twist it to fit the British curriculum and make a fantastic homeschool household. I’m hoping to show you how my house becomes more of a home and if my first book will ever be finished, along with all the other tie bits along the way.

My next entry I will introduce you to my family, I’ll add some pictures too. I’ll add anything else I can think off when the time come to my next entry. So to end here, please could you leave a comment. If its to tell me that I’m one crazy lady….. I already knew that one. I’d just like to know what you think of this. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my post. It means more to me than any words you could ever say.

…. and the story continues!