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Review Of 2014

Seeming like forever, May 2014 I was stuck in what I would call a rut. With my projects I was thinking I could of done and the Unfinished Projects along with the Mistakes I loved to keep making for myself I know now and also back then that the year had not gone well for me. I also wrote about all the things I would of liked to achieve for 2014, The changes I wanted to make in life, not just for myself but also for my children. In 2014, I’ve have done some amazing things that I didn’t noticed. I had made life changes, reached goals I didn’t think would mean as much as they do now. I have met some amazing people who have opened my eyes, made me smile, and even made me stronger. So I wanted to take this time to set myself a 6 month review as I fill you all and try my best to reflect on 6 months of my past and where I feel I stand in the world of being #MummaNewb.