Things Can Only Get Better Right!

Hi reader, not much to tell, explain or say today. I’m still feeling lower than low. I know this because I started to do things that I only do when I feel this low.
I had only cleaned the kitchen a couple f days ago. (Deep Clean) but I felt that it had to be done again. Along with ironing all the ironed clothes. I spent a lot of today reading, gaming stuff, baby stuff, flylady which was as far as I got… I think I may of hit it on the head. “In order to change your life, you need to love yourself” I don’t love me, I don’t love my actions I decided. I don’t love a single thing about myself, unless you count my children. Who I love, adore, and who are always there for me. Yet I was blind to see that my self image and depression was effecting them also. This made me take a long hard look at myself. I’m quite ashamed at who I am. Who I have become…. I don’t want my children to be like me. So I need to change that NOW!
With today being Thursday, it is “Errand Day” on the fly lady’s daily focus page.
Now I know I have not stuck to this. Mainly because I felt overwhelmed by what was needed of me in order to get my life on track. But if I can give most my day to twitter, I need to re-direct that to what I want to to. I don’t need to live on twitter blabbing my life that does not get any attention. I need to save the moments and use them for here. My home, my online heart to where I share my life with you all. 
So sticking to a old list of mine I have done my daily routine as well as made sure my clothes were crease free and my cupboards were still white. If flylady could include a plan for someone like me I would find it 
Whistle while you watch… Your children take on the fly kid challenge with a twist!
I was quite pleased with the outcome after having a great talk with them 
My outcome gave me some fantastic feeling after hours of pure cleaning and getting the tea ready, which had no part of the flylady setup at all
But I did end my night shining my sink, which looks great, now to work on the rest of my home. I really didn’t have much to write as I spent most my time cleaning but I will try and work better and making my post have a better purpose than acting out as an online diary I seem to be making it out to be, until next time “Mwah”
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
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