The Multiple Life Situation

The Multiple Process Of My Life

I didn’t think it would be this hard to lead the multiple things I created for myself

I knew taking on a double life as talulajadeuk and it was going to be a challenge

Yet in 2013 I didn’t know where I would be and  I still find a way to keep going no matter what.


I believe in being honest with yourself and others around you, as it can give you the best shot in life

When I started working on this blog, I had so much bottled up inside of me and needed a place to fuse that with my readers. But every time I tried to write out my feelings I would either feel low or get mad at others who caused this tension I have now got in my daily life. I wasn’t hoping that I would turn out to be this type of person but it seems that is who I have become and I do not like the daily lifestyle of what is required of me anymore.

From now I will be finding myself and being honest with myself in what I feel is best suited to me and my growing family. I will make myself untouchable to others who wish to slander my choices, my lifestyle and relationship status.