The Younique Experience

Younique Products experience — Uplift. Empower. Validate.

The Experience Chapter

A new story and experience has now begun and I know I have been with this company before but this time I joined for all the right reasons and with that being said I will not only be working hard to understand how this company works I will be taking you all with me on this journey as I believe the only way to know what I do in my life and to recruit and share what companies like this are about is to be completely honest and open. I will be busy reading and understanding things for the rest of the week then starting next week I will be starting my first week with Younique. Hosting my first party and sharing my views to this new adventure. If you want to give your feedback or leave any comments on this venture they are more than welcome plus I am all over social media so I know most of you know how to contact me

e-mail: sammi@lovetjuk is one of the best ways to contact me but social media platforms work well too

The anxiety has begun.

I knew it would hit me as soon as what I have done by switching companies set in. I tend to go quiet, and shy and well if I want to make a mark next week I will have to battle my own self-issues and start building myself up in the way I know how even if that means I will play video games (Smite being my new found favourite at present) In leaving a company I know that maybe hiring a skip to remove Avon books I have for the next few campaigns could be a good idea. I am kinda a hoarder so I have quite a lot of Avon stock too, but I will be soon hosting my first ever stall in my local community so I can shift a load of Avon stock that way while sharing my new belief and opportunity with Younique. I believe in being free and able to think with my own mind.If I am unable to do that what is my purpose. So let’s smash some fears and smile to the future in which I will be creating…. tag along and share away if you feel this post may help someone else “Mwah” #ltjuk x