The Sims 3 -What The Audio – EP.3

So I was hoping I could start this game. I have had the sims 3 for so long now I was buy expansions every so often till I had them all. Now I own them all and a few extra packs. It was a matter of time till I started. I tried my best to stay away so I was new to all the new additions. Just being uber honest I feel this was a little rushed. If your a parent or even a child….
Parent: Your kids are sleeping and you have a little time to yourself.
Children: The house is quiet. parents are sleeping or maybe in the garden.
I felt the quietness of the house while my kids were having a nap was to good to be true so I decided for the, …0000th time of trying to record this game and making sure all my settings were correct as for me I had not set them up (hence the sound) I was going to record and for the second time as I had just finished a minecraft recording. Pure bliss right !
I was wrong, but I wasn’t going to let one mishap stop me from carrying on. This blog alone must of people driving crazy with the way I pronounce my words or my Grammar & punctuation. 9/10 I just either speak how I talk or I am over excited and right now I am feeling both of these. So I am sorry for the bad quality but I hope you enjoy it 😀