The Christmas Tag 2016

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year and no Christmas is complete without “The Christmas Tag” post. So I wanted to do this one as the first of many more to come in the future. Also, I get to share all my favourite things about X’mas right here with you all. So you ready, here we go…

1.What is your favourite Christmas Movie/’s?

Hands down, it’s Jingle All the Way. It is my all time Xmas movie.I do have a big list of X’mas movies I have watched. But I would love to watch Jingle All the Way over and over again. Being a mum of 5 children the wish list for each one is always on a high demand which don’t make it easy for me to snag each one on their list. But it’s a all round overall good family movie.

2.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We don’t have any tradition of keeping all the gifts under the tree. Normally, they are laid on around the living room, and the dining room has a full on breakfast spread waiting for them to come down in their jammies and get excited about. I can’t help but go a little over board for my kids. Typical me🙂

3.Favourite Festive Food?

Turkey and stuffing’s my favourite food during Christmas . I can have two right. I love mixing it with gravy, that’s adding a third, and well the hole lunch as a whole is just enough for me. However, I could go on but Turkey would still be my favourite.

4.Favourite Christmas memory?

My favourite Xmas memory wow, I had quite a lot of good Christmas’s with my children. So as a memory it would be with my mum and my sister when we all lived together.

6.Favourite Christmas Scent?

I would say, it has always been the smell of freshly baked cookies

7.What tops your tree?

That would be the star that was brought when I had my first son. His dad always helped him placed it and then the children who followed done there part. Our star is my most imported treasure towards Christmas.

8.What’s the best part of Christmas for you?

Spending time with family is the main thing I look forward to. This is my second Christmas without my mum, so I make sure that I spend my X’mas always with my children and I will do it every year without any fail. So the happiness of being with the family is the best part of Christmas for me.

9.Favourite Christmas carol song?

I love X’mas Carols. I was always a part of X’mas Carol in school and Church. I know quite a list of songs, so it is difficult to pick one favourite. If I really want to pick one, it should be the famous ” O Holy Night”. I know its full lyrics and tune🙂

10.Have you ever had a white Christmas?

I live in England so the chance of a real white Christmas can happen but it’s not the real type of Christmas I would love, being all slush, but as a child, I have experienced a white christmas🙂

Hope you are all in great holiday spirits already:)