The Blog That Should Of Been

Done last week is still there, but kinda on the back burner ATM. My kids have all broke out in what I can only say is “The Cough” I say that as it started as the sniffles but now after like 2 weeks it’s not got any better at all. And me, mummy dearest has got it too. Flu maybe as it’s killing me but to effect my kids is just not so so I’m having to push it to the back of my mind to make them better.

It’s kinda messed a lot of things up. I can’t take my orders for Christmas present so there being sent at different times. Speaking of orders these lovely kids of mine are eating me out of house and home being poorly. So I’d like to thank Asda for the multiple trips to my house this week.
I will say it ain’t been all bad, kids may be sick. I maybe slowly joining them (I’m not going down without a fight) but I got my first retweet…. I was mega excited I felt like a school girl meeting her biggest fan.
If any of you do not know him. Well, his name is Tom, lives in the UK… Spends a lot of time in the USA. Plays video games to the max, and as a complete sap. I adore him. “That sounds so lame” yet I do. I could so be like his female BFF… Bet deep down he would be thinking just smile and be nice, she a scary scouse scatty chick. Well that’s true but it’s who I am, but all in all I have to say because of him and a few others, but mainly him. With him being another Brit, I would not be bringing all this back. I would not be recording videos as talulajadeuk. I would not be doing any of this so I want to thank him (not that he would ever read this blog)
Well, enough about a guy I utterly adore and back to me, gosh that so sounds like I love myself…. Anywho I have been working on getting this backlog of blogs out. So there is only 3 that should have been posted last week but I’m working on it. Homeschool has been cancelled but to the babies being sick. My kids are sick and off school (mainstream) so to teach all five like I did in the summer is just crazy, with there coughing and ages and coughing… Christmas is coming along well. My tree is bare and set up downstairs “Hmmm I should tweet that”
I’m still working on getting my schedule in order after the tragic death of the delete button I so wrongfully done to the folder. Talulajadeuk’s Travelling Tales has finally finished my end, edited and just waiting to be uploaded. Still being new to all this I know I’m not the best, I know I could make my videos better, edit them better, but we all started somewhere right. Besides I’m doing all this via a laptop so that alone has a good and, bad points.
So on another note, for the past year, I have been a rhi, rhi redhead. I’m still undecided if I shall stick to that or go back to my natural hair again.
Other than all I have said I really can’t think of anything else to say… That I can tell you. What I can say is, I need more sleep, as I do have a thing to speaking freely to people making me sound like a stalker. Which I’m not.
Peace && Love Everyone. “Mwah”