The Big Move

Hello Readers, and I am sorry to be the one to tell you this but I am and have been planning something really big. To be honest it has played on my mind since I bought my second domain “Regret” but now I am slowly putting things into motion. As of November 2015 I was doing something that makes sense. I have been so busy the past few weeks planning this that I am so overly stressed out that I forgot what the days of the week were. If you didn’t know I am a full time busy mother of five children, I run a minecraft server and website (Currently was being worked on by someone else) I have my blog (My regret) and this place which has always held a close place to my heart for the longest time. Along with the things I have mentioned, I am trying to make my comeback to YouTube this has been really hard for me to do due to not having enough hours in the day. So I give my hat off to those who are able to get their videos out and done when they need them. I am trying to go for a more relax and laid back approach on my life while trying to continue to work and be who I want to be online, but in order to do that I feel that this move along with taking a long step back in life is needed so I can progress in all my little projects I like and love to do on a daily basis. This blog will be the only place I have as a blog now, so I am integrating my blog over and I hope to continue and post as normal. I will still have but I am leaving that domain on the back burner for something in the future. So which was the place where it all began will be the home to my life. my kids and my business will be over at Many things will be revealed in due time as I am also moving to a new host and that will take a lot of getting used to, along with setting up in my spare time with looking after my kids. I don’t know if I have mentioned but I was working from home for cosmetics company Avon. Due to the massive change in my life with the passing of my mum I needed to pick one that I could work with. I picked Avon as my saving grace and now I am building my business up from the bottom again. My mission right now is to raise my family, and grow being self-employed now I hate having to switch myself around to find what I need so moving to one domain and keeping and pushing things into one place sounds like a good thing to me. “Less Stress” In the mean time you are more than welcome to explore my past from being online and being the Mumma Newb I love to be.

I will always be around, stressing my little head about getting about and growing to be something bigger and better, maybe even upgrade to a better laptop 🙂 I hope that with working with Avon which I am now finding quite a struggle to get done due to a lot of personal reasons. that has caused so many changes I feel overwhelmed and more stressed than I have ever been, but when I do work my Avon I can get things done. My kids can come with me and its a fun and memorable experience. One thing I would like to have again with you all again is hope. (There is loads of hope can you tell) to bring talulajadeuk back into the gaming world again. I say that but trying to make my vlogs and any other videos I had planned is hard with my kids but I want to make a new Minecraft series. This will happen no matter what, just with me being being busy working on the move to a new host things take time and time makes changes.
With that being said I will end here, mainly because I have kids who need me and it has taken 3 days to actually get this blog done. Again due to personal reasons that keep me from getting things done. Just know I am not giving up, and when I am not around online via social media I am always working hard behind the scenes. 9/10 that is a struggle but name one thing that does not come with hard effort and struggles. At some point missing being a newb will be a thing of the past as I will return in my own crazy way sharing with you how I live my life and keep the world spinning with my la la Newbness 😉