Thankful For!

I wanted to be honest, I wanted today to be a day I was open, where I told the truth about something in my life that none of you know. I wanted to also be thankful, and thank some people who keep me wanting to get out of the bed every morning. People I’d like to thank for being real and making me feel like I can do anything. (Even with lack of skills, because I really do try my best) So I will start with someone who not only keeps it real, but does not have a bad day at all.
Syndicate aka Tom – This guy I stumbled upon via watching iHasCupquake
He came up and looking at his style in making videos I had to give him a try. I was glad I did as his videos make me laugh so much. I didn’t think watching somebody on YouTube could make you feel good. Knowing I have never met this person, yet he makes me want to come back for more. Yes I am a big fan. Yes if you do not know him check him out as his Minecraft project is amazing to watch. He is the main reason I wanted to record my Minecraft experience.
Over time I have supported him by donating to his server “Multicube” and have just brought a few days ago his new shirt. Which I was blog about when it arrives.
I would like to thank him for being such a great person, for not being a horrible person 
for making such great content for his fans and for not giving up.
Because of all he does he makes me feel that if I give up what would I be gaining from it.
My Next Person I am thankful for and would also like to thank is FlyLady. I have known about her for the longest time, yet my fear of trying to being my manic house to a more organised home had me in fear for the longest time. That was till I found Anna Saccone who made a blog about her organizer. I know her life is completely different to mine, but I like the way she allows people into her life, she shares tips and helps people in such a great way. Thanks to Anna I built my confidence up and took FlyLady’s advice and took her babysteps… well I tried.
If you have read my blog before you will know my battle against a serve depression.
I fail loads and feel that in order to get my life on track I must try again, whereas she want you to just jump in and work on a control journal to get your life in order. I really am glad I kept trying. I may fail still in places but I have my journal now and if FlyLady can help to get me in order. I can tackle anything and get my happy and active life back which I deeply miss.
The last person I am thankful for and would like to thank again as I have before is one amazing, creative lady. That is MittyMoxx. When I was reaching a whole new low. I began to look for other female gamers. I found quite a lot, but I was drawn into Mitty. Her voice and the way she is so girlie. At this time I had been making a short Minecraft series which even I knew was rubbish. But if you ever watch her videos and see all the hard work she puts into all she does. I am made up with not only her minecraft series, but just like Anna Saccone, She has a way of helping people. Mitty has her own little show called Mine+Spiration which has made me want to work harder at making my own series more me and not like everyone else.
Her videos are not only amazing but she is also. 
Be sure to check her out and subscribe to her.
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
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