Talula’s Minecraft Series | About The Series.

I have a plan in mind of how these are going to play out. With season one not going as planned, I’m going to yet re-vamp the series and hopefully start recording as soon as I can. Personal issues have me at a stand still ATM. Researching was key to me, besides trying to sort my lag and FPS issues out. But I have been busy. Changed a few mods around. Even have a new series coming out in 2014. Hopefully, I should be able to not be as scared and I’ll be able to Vlog on my main channel. New hair or old hair is all that is stopping me.

I was all hyper to of been able to gain a couple of followers out of my first season. I just hope that they stick around and I don’t bore them away. Start small, I may have a small audience but there the best ones to have.
Speak soon.