About Me

Wishing On A Star

Once I had a dream of sharing my story as a parent (mummanewb). I began to search how this could be possible and I found blogging. Starting on Blogger I started to make short posts on my children’s achievements to just random things. I even tried to vlog on YouTube as talulajadeuk.

My days have sure come a long way as mummanewb and with my children growing up. I may not be the best blogger or vlogger going but baby steps and tonnes of learning and failing has got me to where I am today. #StillGoingStrong so I hope that now I am back I can get myself better established and make these dreams come true for people to read, share. and mostly for my children to read or watch back in the future and see their story of who they once used to be and maybe even share with their own children in the future. As parents, we try our best to give our children the best we can give. I hope to be able to do that in my own creative way.

The Social Breakdown | Single Parent Life

Raising a family of five from 2002 up to 2015 I was blessed to the point that I didn’t find anything could get any better for my life. Till tables turned and I found myself as a single parent. My last child was born in 2012 so she was still young and this new “single” lifestyle in which I had to get used to she became my only close friend I had. From there talulajadeuk made a comeback as a story character created by myself I decided to make her a gaming character also and her gaming started with Minecraft which is a family favorite. That was when I began to struggle to blog or even think of what to write. I wanted to learn how to make videos and edit them which got me into vlogging and sharing with my blog readers. It wasn’t the same as reading words but back then it was a trend I wanted to attempt to go down.

The downside was as I tried to take on a new segment online my offline life was falling apart and with no plans of finishing yet. My online social world I was creating had to go on hold while I tried to get my real life back and keeping my family together. [Still Working Here, How Exciting]