Taking A Step Back…

Hello Reader’s I am sorry that I have been able to post here in a while.
My life has been turned upside down and inside out over the past month.
My kids are sick yet again and what is worse I have caught a spring flu.
I have been mega busy dealing with my life in the offline world that I have had no time for the online world. My YouTube Channel has not taken off very well. Nor has my plan to create another channel. One thing I know and love is that I am able to blog (well start) via my mobile. I just wish I could find the words or anything really to express and be able to blog more often. I’m Sorry !
So What Has Talulajadeuk Been Up To?
Where to start. I have failed in so many ways since February. I am now trying to bring myself back to what I had started in January. I still have dreams which I would like to do and there not massive dreams, just simple little dreams of a girl/woman/mother. I wanted to blog and I have now managed to get my own domain which I am proud of being owner… So I have a place that is really my own.
I am thinking of still changing my blog name (…. and so it is) I have a good name at present but I would like something a little more me. I now have a paid for template that I own and am currently using which I still adore. Yet I need to finish what I started which was setting the blog up.
I had plans to Vlog, but can’t due to not having the right equipment. I have my laptops and webcams, even my mobiles and iPad I can record with, but making my videos fancy and cute is something that is killing me inside as I can not find out how these amazing videos are made so I can learn to do it to.
Home-school has taken a back seat with my kids being sick it’s been about, 3 weeks where there has been no Home-school. My poor Five Little Monkeys still try to learn in other ways. May not have home lesson and they may have missed school but there so eager to learn and have been using there iPad’s to work alone and as a team to read and to work on some Maths and English.
My plans to cook more in the kitchen have been working out really well.
(I know there is some good news in all this) I am still trying to learn new things and cooking from scratch or using small aids is harder than I had planned. I have cheated in some ways and ordered ready meals in my shopping. Which is terrible as I am meant to be cutting back on my shopping, not spending nearly double in price.
But I have a couple of great sources I am now using to see if they can help me better, I like to keep things organized. Yet my whole life is all over the place.
My kids have really enjoyed cooking with me which is great even Elizabeth has helped seeing as she is only 15 months old. I can see the little girl inside of her breaking out as she not only like to cook, but she likes to help with the washing, she loves her making tea for everyone with her tea set.
I suppose I should talk about my failed attempt to become a gamer. It isn’t that I have just failed. I just can not find the right time to record with all that has been going on with myself, with my kids. I have been playing games still non-stop. Always find me on twitter moaning and ranting that something hasn’t gone right. Which brings me to another gaming journey. MCI = My Minecraft Server, that has got nowhere since the day I opened it. I know now that taking it on was a hard thing to do, as there was so much about minecraft alone I didn’t have a clue about. (How do I make a sign again??) So running a server is still an ongoing project, just it’s sat doing nothing because I don’t have the time, which makes the MCI website at a standstill. I really need to find a way of getting the server alive!
My novel has not got me anywhere. I planned to write something at least once a week. I have wrote: 0 words, since January. Worse fail ever, seeing as I started the book before I jumped into all the above.
Nuff Said…
So that bring me to now. missing quite a few other things that I have not mentioned. I have had it up to here with making plans I can not stick to.
I really want to do this. Along with tweeting for 2 TV shows, it can be done right?
Plan of Action
  • I need to know what it is I really would like to do
  • When I have that out the way, What is needed to do it
  • Do not fail and jump to another idea/dream
  • Learn how to make your videos better social/gaming wise
  • Do not set ideas/plans you can not keep
  • Anything you want can be done, if you put time into it
Wish me luck, I really hope I can do the small challenge
This leads to all I would like to do.
Stay Glam ~ “Mwah”
– talulajadeuk aka Sazzywils