Take a break, even if you didn’t want to.

So after the loss of my schedule that had me covered till spring 2014. My whole life has turn upside down. I “Total Baby” app removed itself (cheers apple update) lucky I had a backup on both my iPad’s. Then to make it worse my eldest son got tonsillitis, my little girl well.. We wonder if she has it, or has thrush or a chest infection or all of them. Yet the doctor says she is alright. Here is hoping that she is. I tried ever so hard to take a break but I just couldn’t keep away. I stayed mobile mainly. Worked on this blog, the website and blog for the server. I had quite a good time. Stayed away from games totally and felt like I had so much free time. I needed to get back what was lost. It has been a good few days but I am slowly getting the hang of getting it all back. That’s a total lie, I am all over the place with work on my laptop to my mobile and iPad’s, to paper and my whiteboard. I hate the way I do things like this. I start things, then go downhill when I hit a bump and I don’t even try to find a way of getting back up.

But this time will be different as I am posting to the world and not inside my head anymore. That spark that makes you feel alive is back. I feel like I want to be part of the world again and not hidden from everyone only showing my children where I see fit and mainly via pictures. I am not looking for fame, nor fortune. I am not even looking to be noticed I just need a place I know I can be me. The me I have kept inside my head for a very long time now. A place I can gather all I do and share it for anyone to see. If by any chance I am unable to continue then it will be for a very good reason, but I hope that day is a very long time away.
From this day forth, I will be girl inside my head & not the mask I show where you know nothing about me