Well That’s A Surprise I Didn’t See Coming.

Judge Me When You Are Perfect

Building Relationships


What if I said today is full of talulajadeuk surprises for me well today was well one of them days, different from the day before and unlike any other, I was blessed to not only be woken up at the crack of dawn by my adorable children to then not see coming was to have a fantastic breakfast and being able to smile hearing my children chat and sing away from their fun day at school. Yet my day has just been something out of the blue. Yesterday which would be Friday 24th March 2017 I told a few select people about something I was thinking of doing.

I was going to be leaving my current job as a representative and sales leader in training (again) with Avon Cosmetics. What a shock to hear that people were sad I was leaving, Gutted I wouldn’t be their rep anymore and hurt how I have been treated. I went home a little hurt that I was upsetting these people, but these people were my friends who I have built a much better relationship with since fighting my depression and battling my scars of stepping out into the world as myself.

The Best Relationships Are The Ones You Never Saw Coming.

Never Give UpI was greeting today which beyond shock. From people who have seemed to of spread the word about me leaving my job and it has got round. I got onto my computer to see messages, emails and even notes posted through my door asking me not to leave or wishing me the best in where I go next. I have also had local customers and now good friends approach and ask me why I was leaving and I wasn’t going to lie I couldn’t say I was leaving because of [lie] and [lie] and that leads to my reason. I was open and honest when I started my business on my birthday funny enough 11th August 2015. I will not say that it was fun to start. I was scared and alone and I sometimes feel I still am that way. Yet I have come such a long way since I started that is something I am ever so thankful for and it has become a daily reminder for me to never give up.

I always believed to stick to the status quo. I knew and could use it in my everyday life. Yet I couldn’t believe I allowed things to get me to a place that pushed me to a point of quitting and never looking back. That wasn’t who I was and nobody was going to make me be anything other than the person I am and the person I was becoming for myself and my family and for the good people in my life who do not judge or give me bad feedback I feel that my job is not at just my worth anymore it came in the form of so many people reaching out to me today reminding me of who I am. You can’t get rid of me that easy, I’m not going just yet.