Summertime Sadness

I’m back and with what I hope a continuation to what I had begun
Im sorry that I have not posted in a while. Seems things still have a way of knocking me down. But with a new month here, “Hello September” and being still in a mega mess, I hope to put myself back on track. I don’t know why but I had it in mind that today would of been smooth easy. But writing this blog was harder than I had planned in my head. I had planned loads I wanted to say, making this blog worth reading. I suppose I should of wrote it down somewhere as now the time has come I do not have a clue what to write about. I could tell you that I had a great summer. I may of been gutted not to take my kids to Spain this year but we made it work. I know that during the summer I am at a major loss in different ways. The loss of friends, the loss of readers, the loss of subscribers, and the loss of followers…. All I can say is that I am truely sorry. Maybe these words won’t effect you but that is all I can say till I can make a video and say I am deeply sorry for letting you down, by not being there for you all. Maybe with what I hope to do by taking it slow I can get a bit of a better flow than trying to take on to much in so little time, trying to be something I’m not. I don’t know how I will cope as I do not have my laptop ATM due to having to sending it away to be fixed. But I can blog, so I hope that whoever reads…. Old or new that I can re-introduce myself, and slowly bring myself back in the online world again. In the meantime, I’m here but taking it not in the flylady way, but in the #MummaNewb way, starting fresh, in my own way…. Not sure what will happen along the way but hoping it will lead me somewhere, if I am alone or not. It’s still going to be my journey and I still want to share and take you all with me. Struggles and fun times in which are to come. I know this blog wasn’t the best of blogs you may read, Like I have said I had loads to say, but to me I didn’t have much time, finding the words I wanted to say just didn’t want to be typed out. Something’s are best left unsaid, something’s are best left till another time. I feel and being uber honest with you all that I need to come out of my shell again because of the lack of blogging. Because of the lack of interaction I hid from not being around all summer. 
Just give me time I am sure I will open up more and more.
Until my next post, Peace && Love everyone “Mwah”