The Struggle Is Real Yet I Will Overcome It

Could this be another post.

talulajadeukI was not planning on coming back so soon but if you are a blogger and a moment comes where you feel the urge to write and get someone out there well I am having one of them moments. Starting this on the 25/05/2017 I am hoping to at least have this finished and ready to be published on the day I will only see as a day from now on. If I make this post my new milestone then I have another chance of being free with no connection to anything anymore. Yes, I am talking about my ex-boyfriend of over two and a half years, he has been the breaking of me and up to the point that I have been so distant for so long and I am deeply sorry to you all for not being the bubbly person I normally am. But I am slowly finding my way as hard as each day seems to be for me. What is the saying where there’s a will there is a way? I’m still at the start searching for the will to then take the next step. But I will say one thing and that is I may be seen to most as being off the radar, but I am do still check and reply to my email, and I love the kind words people have sent to me over the past couple of months. I really appreciate all the kind words, the images and pictures that have been sent and the love and support from you all. I have taken this year and had it twisted into a whole new game of battle of the fears. I’m still winning!

Facing Fear, Second Chance

Most people I am proud of have even found me via facebook which I have taken a sudden leave from as of the past couple of weeks but due to the recent Manchester Bombing. I felt a little overwhelmed by the contact I was getting about my eldest child as he was at the event and I am blessed that he wasn’t one of the #AriAngels who was taken that day but now being left with emotional scars along with myself I am still trying to build myself back into social media again and be the positive figure I had started to become. I just feel that enjoying my life as it lies right now is important to me because that night an angel was watching over my child and brought them home to me to care for and nurture back to good health again. I was also able to connect with many others from around the world who was affected and show my love care and support and inspiration as we all did together at the live concert. #OLM <3

What Happened Next.

I should also give a quick and very fast update as I know many of you know I have left Younique after not even being a presenter with them again for less than a month but I have returned back to Avon and well it was all due to customer demand and I am so blessed to have such amazing customers because I returned for them and it has made me feel so happy to serve them as their representative and also offer my services as a sales leader again. I felt so closed off as it was already so being back out in the community again and connecting with people feels so amazing and I felt it was something I needed to take my mind of many other things I was dealing with too. I am slowly changing up and still making sure I keep myself busy by working behind my name and doing little things that have been well overdue and never done as well, I really do not have any excuses to give as I had the time I just didnt do them. But I now see my lazy ways and will power charge my way to get my name back into the Avon chain again, not that I was ever forgot about due to being asked to come back by so many people.

Video Killed The Blog.

I am highly aware that I have filled this blog post with videos but all in all, they all fit each segment as I was writing them and they have a place in my heart along with the fact that anyone who knows me will know I have a massive crush on Justin Bieber. Music has always been a safe haven for me and well It got me to post this blog for you so to anyone who felt I had done a KKW and vanished for 3 months I have not and I am still here. I am just learning who should be allowed to stay in my life and who I feel I should let go out and most of all I am learning to love myself.