Sorry I’m Late | Overwhelmed Much.


So I am late yet. Seems keeping up with this blog was going to be harder than I planned. ¬†Currently, I’m sitting in my new rearranged dining room laminating worksheets for Alex. Family are a lot better, just poor Alex who was sick last week and the week before now has the chicken pox. I’ve been feeling lower than low, feeling like what could I of done to prevent them from getting poorly when I was poorly myself. But we live as a means to go on which is why I’m still here. Blogging a day late. I still don’t know if anyone has even come across this blog yet, but if you have then I’m sorry it’s not anything quite good yet. I’ve been planning an Easter special for my kids this week. Managed to plan and prepare an egg hunt and a colouring and playdoh session for them too.
I was a little gutted as this week was parents evening and I was unable to attend which is the first time ever. But knowing my kids I know it would have been all good feedback from their teachers. Which has suddenly give me an idea to maybe plan a nice gift for them both for being them, “teachers” Kids will love it and I hope the teachers will appreciate the hard work they will put into it.
Best get planning don’t you think…. Will stay in touch
Peace & Love “Mwah”