Small Break (Again)

You know when I came back to blogging I so was not ready. I mean I is not hard to blog for me, but I like to keep things all together. But I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by a few things. This does not mean that I am giving up. My content will be nothing if I do not find the time to make these after effects intro’s and outro’s I have paid for. All this week and I will be deadly honest with you all. I have planned ahead so all I had to do was hit publish (anyone using blogger will know what I mean) but now the month has come to an end and I don’t see any difference in how I am dong things, I need to find time to either pay someone to get this done for me, or sit and figure it out myself. which means I will not be about to tweet and post my food like I have been doing. I hope to not let it effect my post’s or my video uploads. I just feel I should make you awhere of this is case people wonder where I am and wondering why I am not replying. So here is the place you can find out what the reason is behind it. I hope to be able to plan ahead so I am still able to give out content like I have been but until I get these intro/outro done for my vlogs and gaming videos. I fear that I am nothing but a failure, A joke who people view just to say “She still ain’t no better” I want to chance that badly… I know it seems like this post is me in a bit of a panic but I care about how what I make reflects on myself. If I make poor videos, that I am letting you down. My views have gone down more now since I planned this new thing. So maybe with a bit more hard work I can try and make myself look like I am really trying my best. So to all who I am still letting down, I am deeply sorry for the bad content of my blogs and videos. Maybe this is not for me. I can only try right.
Anywho I am out as I am busy trying to stay in the game by keeping ahead of myself.