Slow & Steady Does Not Help At All!

So I have been thinking, and thinking hard all week. I have so many ideas going on in my head but when I sit and look at what I am doing about it I don’t see much being done, or finish or even started. What does not help is my kids getting sick every other week (It does happen, if your a parent of a large family you know what I mean right). Yet moving on as this does not involve my children, yet they are a very important part of my life and will always come before anything.
If i am to say this like out loud I suppose I am best trying to get you up to speed so you don’t think to yourself “What was she talking about?”. So I shall begin…
After the summer of 2013 I was addicted to a game, a game that offered so many various things (others do also) But I wanted to be part of it. Now at the time I had spare time on my hand. My writers block (which still comes and goes and no wonder why) set in stone. I was unable to write anything for my book. I was able to write up bio’s and other such things I needed that related to it, but I was keen on starting something new. Something that would take my mind away for a while. 
I had been playing minecraft for a while but being on holiday with my family I was missing the game and pocket edition was cutting my habit (you know because I am like a minecraft druggy) So with that time away I wanted to create a server.
My kids had played on a few and spoke of how players would treat them…

(Supermum to save the day)

It didn’t work out well, I never realized how much was needed to know to create a minecraft server. I knew that I needed help and maybe paying for a hosted server would be the answer

Stay tunned as Pt.2 will be to follow.