Slightly Invisible

I Declare a faint absence from Blogging/Twitter/YouTube 

Why because I need to get myself on track, and if I want to be anything of a blogger/vlogger/gamer/youtuber 
I need to get my head into some reading and learn some things 
It’s been a shell shocking day today as someone I find as an inspiration replied to me, and not once but twice in one day! #ShockedMuch

I have been a little sidetracked today, I wanted to look into maybe creating my own intro for if/when I do start vlogging. It got a little out of hand as do I want to learn this before I learn to how fix myself.  Well I can’t Vlog and use the intro I currently use for my gaming videos… Which I made myself following a YouTube tutorial. But it doesn’t feel right. To cut a long day short. I have found a few videos I really like, you have to buy them but at least I know there getting paid for there amazing work. 
I’m a little torn as I would of liked to of made my own. 
I still might, but for now I won’t let it worry me.
I have a special delivery coming (I hope) tomorrow which will be that step closer to being a blogger, plus I will need to learn how to use it before I think about fancy intros for my videos. Lolz I hate knowing what I would like to do yet lack the skills to go “BAM” and be able to create it.  I started today as the day I will begin to live and not to dwell in the past. I didn’t feel low at all today unless you count being unable to eat my Tea/Dinner which looked amazing… Other than that my day has actually been great.
For the rest of the week I will be somewhat distant, My kids are back at school tomorrow after the Easter half term. I am scared what darkness I may face… So if I can last the rest of the week and be learning and making videos when I can – If I can!
that is great for me… I hope to do a lot and then I can make a blog that someone may want to read… or may start to read, get bored and leave *Sorry if you do*
Here’s to starting again, I don’t drink much so I can’t post an image of me holding a glass of fizz because I don’t like I could post an image of me holding a can of monster but I would look mega daft. All in all… Have a great week everyone!
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses