Shopping Is Bliss

I felt this week I needed a little change and seeing as I am one of them hobbits who lives in her home and could you blame me at the present with my house getting done up. haha, Anywho I feel I needed to get out the house. So I am deciding, well maybe it could be me thinking. Yet TBH it is really just an idea.. but I’d like to taking my vlogging camera and try to make the best of a shopping trip.Even if I was able to but or not as my time is limited having to pick my son up from nursery I have the morning to browse for clothing and change myself which is well over due. I mean it is an idea, and I felt it would be better than filming inside my house like I normally do…. Because I really would not know what else to do. Maybe that is something to think about over next week. I am sure I can find someone or something online that will not resort into me just getting out of it and buying online. I want to take you guys and gals with me for this. If I do not lose the bottle to act like my old self and not record anything… Having a little think now I should I could plan a list of wants for myself, even the kids. and see how they plays out. Plus hoping the British weather stays like it has been or better it gets hotter (Us Brits Can Only Dream, Or Go Abroad) So yea, This week has been pretty over whelming with my daily vlogs of randomness so I hope you can all forgive me but not having such perfect blogs. Saying that they have never been perfect so, yea… Here’s to the summer, Here’s to a new late new wardrobe and to taking you all with me “Mwah”