Shoes, Make-Up, Out & About.

DayTwo: I wanted to get a few items for the kids mainly Elizabeth as she has no real shoes other than soft baby shoes to walk around in. I would like to take her out soon, even if it is in the garden (That is if the weather get better) so soft shoes are no good to her. I was made up with my little haul, as I went out taking Elizabeth, Ethan and Alex with me.
Along my travels I wondered if buying make-up would be a good idea. I have no idea still to this day where my make-up went (bet I left it in Spain) So not wanting to buy anything costly I went into the local market and picked these up. 
Totally unsure of the effects as I didn’t notice anything other than a shiny head
So maybe I may think about re-buying the make-up I had before inc; accessories again
I can not notice a thing from the images at all just a little make-up on my eyelid.
I am trying to still do a little each day. BabySteps!
(reminds me I need to work on the control journal still)
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