Saving Grace & Keeping The faith

My last post I was quite I don’t know what to say the most open I have ever been in a very long time and even for myself I was shocked. This post I hope will show you that no matter what I have to do I have faith and I will never give up because what I never added in my last post is that I will find my happy ending and if I should say it found me. Could be also the reason for that last post being the way it is too. But hello and I hope you have had a better week than I have.

I have been so busy this week with easter around the corner I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I started blogging around this time too, posting what I was up to as I was homeschooling my children and compared to now I am making easter bonnets and have two of my five children aka the five little monkeys now in high school. Gosh, I am getting old. But It’s how life is, times change and things change. I changed.


I have this place and have spent days just trying to bring everything together to call this place a home I will not be leaving anytime soon. I have put such hard work into development and creative thinking to get myself over the past I wasn’t ready to face. Yet I was able to cut them off and smile knowing I never really lost if I am still gaining from it. #PostiveOutlook and this is why I am excited to be posting again for you all to read and enjoy. My story and sharing my life online for the world to make judgement was a scary decision to make, but I still believe it was the best one I did make, and I will slowly come back in other ways as time allows me to.

For now, I live for the moment, I sleep off what was and start each day with a clean slate. I don’t want to be a person I was once and that ongoing battle I will always face on a daily basis and I face it alone as I cannot use my children as anything other than beings of sunshine I decided to create because they make me so happy and proud and make me want to continue being who I am whoever that person may be, because we never know who we are meant to be.

I still have so much more so tell you all…. even a posts about the gaming and novel side of myself are to come to light and I am excited to share with you all. Before and with a connection to my past blog post I wasn’t sure if I should have even cared anymore. Good thing my heart wants to finish what I started and there is no holding me down when I have my heart set on something and I have the faith, trust of someone from my past who makes me feel I can do anything. Don’t mind me saying but that is a good combo. Sorry but until my next post or you see me about on social media

Speak Soon & Peace & Love to you all