Saturday Sort Out!

Day6: Well I am happy to say that after a load of frustration, hardly any sleep, plenty of monster and coffee. I have my domain working again. I am still learning all this with very basic skills in HTML, CSS… So all this domain owning and running websites, blogs is still new to me again.
Only really used to being a mum for the past 12 years, them duties alone were hard enough.
But I have the blog back, which is great news, I think… So for starts I wanted to share a few photos from my day today. One being my adorable children, well 2/5 of them.
Since I started blogging again my children flee the iPhone/iPad whenever I have the camera on.
Which reminds me I know I have stated that I would like to start vlogging soon, I really hope I can get a decent camera not one that will not be suitable… plus I am not really sure as to what type of camera I should use to vlog with. Anywho continuing… 
I really need to stop my small weekend shops, but the moment I saw the Dairy Milk I had to get a shop in no matter what, plus I also order lunch for tomorrow which should be fun seeing as tomorrow is “Mothers Day” Which I am really excited for. My kids have been wishing me “Happy Mother’s Day” all week so it will be fun to have them remember that it is tomorrow.
For the family tea/dinner we had a beef strip stir fry which my family wasn’t keen on at all but Elizabeth munched her’s all up and was giving the eye to other family members for there’s.
I had taken a great leap and went out again today to buy my son a few items and he was utterly made up that I got him these jammies. Just now I have to buy another 4 sets of jammies now.
All in all, my day today has been mega stressful. I have tried and tried to set this blog set back up to the domain used. I am now struggling with the whole working without getting an error. I never used to but I am now in talk with my hosting company to try and get this issue sorted so everyone can use and not be forced to type www. so they can view the blog. I feel terrible a little as I never gave any time at all for my FlyLady Mission.
I am so in need to get my hectic life in a bit of a better order that I am still building my journal routines. I wanted to add more knowing I have little ones so adding extra to my routines could work out in my favor I hope anyway. I have so far completed the basic set up in one of the journals I am using. Even added and set up my Bedtime and Morning routine, but in order to set up my basic weekly plan I still need to finish these routines.
Early Afternoon | After School | Late Afternoon
I am working strong at FlyLady’s Babysteps, at day 6: Learning about hotspots.
I was quite amazed to see what I was able to get done within them 2 minutes.
My only let down was that I was hoping to set a lot more sorted out, but with the blimp in the hosting I had and forgetting to pay has but me back a few days now. I work alone doing this I do not get any help from anyone unless you count google as help. I spend more time reading on how to do things or using YouTube for help. Not that I get much done as from watching or reading I normally have to either do something in the house, or answer the phone… or see too the children, so I am away from my laptop which means by the time I am back I tend to forget what it was I was doing. But I decided I wanted to do this and I am not moaning, but I hope that people who do not do this kind of thing can see that a lot goes in to what they do.
Peace && Love
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