Same Old Sazzy!

I am mega sorry this is as late as it is, but my day has been so busy that it led me to other things and endings of things which were quite overwhelming . But where to start…. Well after getting my domain sorted I felt stumped on the fact I couldn’t get my domain to work fully. Till I spoke to my host and found the issue which made me feel dumb (nothing new there) Found I forgot to remove the old website from the webmaster tools. So I could work on my next step…

Which worked out great as 1/2 new books came in the post today which was a great build up into everything Minecraft. I felt so let down with myself with not being a good gamer. I know I was terrible and no matter how bad I was I continued to make a fool of myself. Hence the books lolz.
Today I felt I would take pictures, all via my phone as its better than my actual camera
(Really need to start a fund to buy myself a better camera)
My day today has been so busy I really have no energy to think at all
I am just hoping that the images above give you an insight into my day
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses 
Sazzywils – talulajadeuk 
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