Saga Series Short Sample

Saga Series

The Saga Series Sample

When writing this series I was left with a jigsaw to piece together. My ideas and characters have been built up for many years and some things have changed and some new things have been added over the years of building this first novel. I am still in the works of writing but I wanted to share a small sample of what I have so far in hope that the people who have waited for me to send them something will have some satisfaction at last that something is actually happening. This is a draft and there will be many mistakes all over the place but I hope you enjoy Chapter One.

~ CHAPTER ONE ~ [Family Ties]

You would think that living in the countryside, would keep out the noise and that added amount of stress of living in the city. Busy shops and people who dash about the streets like there in a hurry twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Well, I suppose I could say that with the changes in modern society. The countryside has started in their own special way to go along with the flow. From block to block tower buildings in the cities and small cafe’s in the small towns and villages, all in competition with one another, to small business’s taking their own challenge in getting the most customers yet keeping the neighbourhood friendship on a high note.

If you think there are enough stories to go around in the big city, then you have not heard anything. Maybe you should visit the countryside. Find out about the lives, the lies, the tales, and the secrets that lie beneath the floorboards. I wouldn’t change my life for anything, I mean what would there be that’s good enough than that.

“I’ve never had to think to myself when I would find true love, or how it would make me feel. I’ve had tonnes of other things to think about, from the likes of if I should go to university, or if I should work at my mum’s store. One other thing, why would I want to find love after what it done to my mum or should I say, my parents….”

I stood thinking to myself as I stood at the perfume counter in a shop nearby where I lived. I had nipped out to run a few errands and saw a perfume offer that I couldn’t say no to, But now I felt bored as I stood at the counter playing with my hair and noticed I was now talking to myself, while the shop assistant wrapped my new found goods “Here you go Talula, You have picked a wonderful fragrance” Said the female assistant behind the counter passing forward a neatly wrapped package in a bag containing a small lightweight bottle of perfume.

To top it off, the assistant had one of them looks like she was only smiling because it was part of her job “Thanks, I’m sure I will.” I replied back “I mean it is only perfume, after all, It’s not a two-week holiday in Spain is it now” My sarcastic tone in my reply caused the smiled to fade of the assistants face as I then grabbed my bag containing the perfume along with a fake smile I walked out of the store. As I began walking down the path heading back to my car I heard my mobile phone ringing in my bag causing me to slow down my pace while I reached into my bag to pull out my mobile.

Looking at my caller ID to see who it was ringing I laughed a little as I answered the call and placed my mobile up to my ear. “You’re not giving up are you Cassie” were the first words out of my mouth, besides giving another little laugh as I sped up my pace in walking back to the car. “Oh come on Talula, You know it won’t be a fun without you” Spoke my best friend Cassie Mitchell in her peachy cheerful tone. I had grown up with Cassie and she pretty much knew everything there was to know about me we would do everything together and always talk every day too, well until now that was. “You know, I’m not sure. I might just stay here this weekend and maybe….”

I replied on the phone trying to get out of going through the conversation again, but I pause to take a breath. Just what I wasn’t expecting was for Cassie to reply back so quick “Talula are you crazy, you’re not staying here alone because you will end up working in your mum’s shop and then moaning about it when I get back. I don’t care if I have to drag you myself you are coming to Paris and besides your mum thinks it would be a great idea before you go away. Think of all those French men we could meet.”

The sound of what was just said made me feel like this was yet another battle I wasn’t going to win. That was only because my mum was involved and what she said pretty much meant that was the end of it. “Fine, I’ll come, but don’t expect me to enjoy myself OK. And I’m not going because of them men either Cassie so don’t start thinking that I am” I replied and ended with a sighed as I continued walking to the edge of the path till I reached the crossing where I had to stop to wait for the traffic lights to change so I was able to cross.
But I was able to finish my conversation with Cassie without letting my mind wander off like it had done in the perfume shop. As the lights changed and the cars pulled up to a stop, I crossed the road making my way to my car but taking one last moment to myself before I unlocked my car. Seeing that I wasn’t the only one in an unhappy mood on such a horrid day. Well, it was Halloween. “I’ve always told myself that just when you think you have life figured out, something happens that gives you the biggest wake-up call. They say things happen in life for a reason, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul. Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there…to serve some sort of purpose, or maybe to teach you a lesson or to help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way.”

After a short drive home I pulled into my stately home, passing the elegant wrought iron entrance gates, which gave a breath taking views as I drove on to my drive. Because seeing my house coming up reminded me of a home that the royal family could have lived in but on a much smaller scale, as it was situated just a few minutes walk from the town centre, but it had its own packhorse trail down to Cove Lake.

The ever changing scenery at my house would always have a way of delighting anyone who came to visit with, with a stream cutting through the lawned garden set within two acres of secluded wooded grounds reaching onto the fellside provides a habitat for a wealth of wildlife. Red squirrels, deer, woodpeckers, nuthatches, tree creepers and buzzards besides the added smaller lake on the side of the house. Which I like to spend a lot of time at. Thinking or spending time there with friends when it wasn’t raining. But slowly driving up the stone drive I noticed how much everything had changed for the big party my mum was throwing tonight. There were all kinds of decorations hanging or planted all over the place. Suppose that’s a good way to set the theme. Myself I kind of disliked the holiday’s it was different when I was a kid but I am not a kid anymore and now. I just find the whole thing a big waste of money. “Miss Price…Welcome home. Would you like me to remove any of your bags, or perhaps park your car up in the garage?”

Asked a penguin dressed man who had worked for my family since I was born so he was a familiar face to me even when he was covered in blood marks. “It’s fine Harold. I don’t have a big loads of bags and I don’t plan on staying that long, I’ve got a thing I have to do” I replied back in hast not really wanting to make conversation as I cut the engine off and smiled as Harold opened the driver’s door for me to get out. “Well I hope you have a thrill full evening Miss Jade” Was all Harold spoke and then lowered his head allowing me to pass by. “I’m sure I will Thanks, Harold and I hope you have a good night also” I replied with a side smile as I felt a slight breeze flutter by me, pushing small hair pieces across my face. “By the way….Love the outfit” I giggled out moving my hair from my face. As I began to walk away from her car towards her house. I slowed down a little jingling my keys in my hand and took a glance back seeing Harold was quite happy to be giving a compliment. “Thank you, Miss Jade” I then continued walking into the house seeing even more changes. One thing I always knew about my family was they knew how to hold a great party and this was one that wasn’t going to be beaten. For the past 16 years my mum Maddison Leigh Price had hosted parties. That was only because nobody else held one and my mum felt the town needed to keep stay alive.

The whole house looked a complete mess, boxes everywhere filled with Halloween related products, and members of staff dashing around like they was really into it and more than my mum was which kind of sent a chill down my spine knowing they were as crazy as she was. “Talula….Is that you my love” my mum called as she walked out from the kitchen. Now my mum, was one of them kind of mum’s that no matter what she looked like she still looked radiant like the sun always shone on her facial features no matter what, even in the dark she still looked beautiful.
“Hey mum, don’t you think you have over done it this year?” I asked as I placed my keys down on a small handcrafted table beside a bowl filled with trick or treat goodies. I rolled my eyes. “You’re kidding Lula; this is only just the start of it.” Maddie pulled out a small control from her apron pocket and went to push a small triangle button which made a small devilish smile appear on her face. “No way mum” I shouted a little totally overwhelmed as it was walking into a changing room studio and a grin shone from my mum’s face showing her pearly white perfect teeth.

“You know this is so going to freak the kids out mum, there not used to….” I began to say but was cut off what I was about to say as a familiar face and voice walked in the hallway and stood behind my mum. “What were used to? Was that what you were going to say sweetheart?” Said the soft sweet voice I had missed so much. “Aunt Carmen, I can’t believe your here I mean….I’m happy your here. I’ve missed you so much” I was so flabbergasted, I hadn’t noticed I’d waltzed over and was hugging my aunt like I hadn’t seen her in years. “And they say Christmas is a time for bringing the family together” Carmen said to me as she embraced me into a loving hug back. “But Christmas has a different meaning of bringing the family together” Maddie interrupted by speaking and breaking up the one on one family get together.
I took a step back and looked a little baffled at first by what my mum had said but understood after a few short moments after which the family was used to me doing. “Rachel and Skylar are in the other room along with a few more familiar faces you should of missed too” Maddie then went to say something else but now seeming a little serious in the tone of her voice, causing Carmen to take the next step in moving closer to her sister and giving a sweet smile. “Why don’t you go catch up with everyone before you head out? I know everyone is dying to know how things are going for you, and well you know what I mean” I smiled knowing they hadn’t been together for that long and already they had plans up their sleeve “Ok, I’ll talk and hug you to death later then…. Oh and mum whatever you and Aunt Carmen have planned. Don’t use Mr and Mrs Longbottom as your guinea pigs, their good customers.” I grinned as I raised eyebrow thinking for once in my life I was able to teach my mum something about being responsible than having the wool pulled over my eyes as usual. “You know me too well Lula Bella”

Maddie quickly gave a jab back as I turned my head back in shock that my mum was acting so childish already. That childish that by the time I had turned around my mum and aunt had already left the house as all I could see was the front door closing behind them. “Great thanks, mum” I spoke to myself as I went back in the direction I was going which was going to catch up on seeing family members and old friends. “Well well well, looks whose home and all grown up” Spoke a deep male voice causing me to feel a tad shy as I entered the room. “Hi, Skylar and I’ve not changed that much!” I asked as Skylar as Rachel walked over. I’d always felt strange knowing what I knew about my relationship to Skylar. Rachel was my cousin as Carmen was her mum. But Skylar and I shared a connection that blew me away. Which was when I found out Skylar was my half brother and that we shared the same dad.

“You look different every time I see you sis, wouldn’t be if you moved to the states and lived by us” Skylar pointed out which I wasn’t very amused by. “Leave her be babe she is happy here and besides she needs to be here remember” Rachel grinned looking to me like she had a new reel of information to tell me which I was ready for. “Okay honey you got me there, but just know sis if you’re ever in the states and need a place to stay you can always stay with us. Skylar ended on a good note. “Thank you bro, that’s sweet of you but you know my mum she likes me staying with the Haywood’s when I’m in America, and I think she always will,” I replied back knowing it was a never ending routine I’d lived since I was a little girl. “So you don’t like staying with us then?” Spoke a voice which then started to giggle. I couldn’t pin point, but as the small fainted voice finished giggling.
I began searching the room for the voice. It was when I’d searched the whole right side of the room; I noticed a dainty, dark haired girl sat in an armchair in a cast with crutches beside her. “Oh, Gosh Lissa…What happened?” I asked in shock and horror. “Well, it’s a reminder to always check my skis are fastened in the near future” Melissa who was the only daughter of the Haywood family replied with yet another giggle as she looked to Talula.

“But it’s not broke is it?” I asked while I walked in a dash like manner over to the free side of the armchair to see the damage a little more. “I can’t go to Paris If that’s what you want to know” Melissa replied with a smirk on her face like she knew what I was going to ask before I’d even asked it. “How did you…” I started to ask while I rose up from her bent position knowing exactly how and then started looking around the room again. “He isn’t here Lula, he’s out back” Melissa’s oldest Brother Luke stepped in letting me know when I had figured it out and he saw the mad look on my face.

“Can you tell him to stop reading my mind Luke and I hope you get better soon Lissa. Shame you won’t be able to make it to Paris” I replied back with haste trying my best not to think of anything at all except for hate while at the same time feeling the urge to now leave the room. “We will have a word with him and I’m sorry Melissa can’t make it” said a male voice that seemed so close she could have sworn that the voice was her in some way, but as I turned my head a little to the left I saw John, Who was Melissa and Luke’s dad. He then placed his arm on my shoulder and smiled which kind of made the mad feeling fade even if deep down I knew my mind was still being read. “It’s ok, I mean it’s not like he would listen to you anyway….No offence” I paused and let out a sigh as I felt John’s hand move away from my shoulder. “I should err go, I’ve got to meet somebody, but it’s totally great to see you all and under one roof too.” I smiled a little as I edging myself backwards towards the door seeing everyone looking towards me now “So I’ll see you all at the party later” I spoke again, while the rest of the room agreed I knew they were not going to let me get away with ditching the way I just did. But as I left the room I made my way back into to the hallway, then upstairs to towards my bedroom.