The Re-Model Of Talulajadeuk


Why I Am Re-Modeling

One thing I know for certian, I’m a complete mess. From December 2016, I was already started to lose my way, holding on to ties what I didn’t want to let down. Yet it has brought me to where I am now. I have left my job I loved as a Avon UK Representive and Trainee Sales Leader (For Area205) leaving behind a lot of amazing things I had built from when I joined in July 2015.

But I didn’t stop there, I walked right into a new job and so far I am loving the new way of learning and the new way of thinking. I am meeting so many like minded people who I didnt think was out there. I am so happy that they are. I now currently work for Younique and to be honest from joining them back when they launched in the UK I was a little drawn to them and now I have gone back and I am glad I have as I feel it was for the right reason after all.

I speak of reason and for me it is mainly based around my children, as we all would agree that family comes first and my children and family will always be my first port of call because they mean everything to me and so much more. I do what I do and have been doing for the past year for my family. So why did I leave one makeup company and jump right into another? I felt drawn to the company I amd now working for, I felt it would meet my needs and allow me to spend more time with my children. Been just over a week and so far I have been able to spend the easter half term with them all and another plus I now get time for myself which is shocking. That’s all Iv’e ever wanted really 🙂

The Re-model Plan Of Action

This I guess will be the fun part as I love some many things, but one thing I know is that I do it alone when is a good question, but I know if I do not start looking into what I love, like, enjoy I will fail yet again in being who I want to be, I will fail as the blogger I wanted to become, the gamer I try to be, most important the mother I try my best to be.

talulajadeukI have to be 100% committed to what I love and if that means I am a little distant then I have my reason to why because I believe in what I do and another thing I don’t know anybody else who is like me to be honest so to find someone like me would be great to find to share stories, tips and ideas maybe even to colaborate together.

One thing I know that has to be part of my plan is my own personal development because I suffer badly from self doubt and as open and honest as I am I don’t seem to be able to find my own feet yet I am able to do it towards anyone who asks for my help or advice. Why I struggle to find my own way I will never know till I learn this more. This is a self battle I will fight and be proud to move past in the future I can tell you.

I know what I am is not your everyday thing you would see from someone like me, I say that as in you do not see a single mother of five children who loves playing games, even records them and uploads them to her own youtube channe. Not only does she do that but she loves to babble and write or should I say type away. She has wanted to start her own novel and for whatever reason has never stuck her head into writing the novel she wanted to write. One thing, she is no professional just a woman with a dream and a background story she wishes to share like so many people already do, but every story is different so someone out there somewhere could take what I have wrote and use to help them in their life in someway. I hope thats not blah.

The talulajadeuk Babble Journey


If I could say one thing about myself or as my alter ego talulajadeuk. I love to talk about myself not in that kinda way but I do find it annoying. Even at one point I would post what I ate, drank and slept like. I have no idea why but if there was a way to post something I would of done it or at least given it a try. I want to try to be more different now leave an element of surprise about myself that excites my readers and viewers but also makes them want to return for more.

What I would like is to give more meaning to what I do and for that to have an effect of helping or guiding someone. If I can pull that of then I will be amazed with myself. My hobbies are not the very best, but what I enjoy is what I enjoy, and something I don’t see changing anytime soon. So anyone who has been part of my previous babble would know how I tend to be sometimes when I vanish of the radar for a short while, yet I never leave for good.

And So It Is…

This will be where I end here now mainly because if you know me personally I am always on the go, keeping myself busy in this world by living. So I will continue to keep smiling and continue to grow as a person and I will blog soon x