Plans Of Action.

Hi everyone, So this isnt my usual image I would use for “SazzySay’s” But I am still in the packing and unpacking stages of pretty much everything I am trying to do.
I hope to upload to youtube on mondays with a minecraft video
On saturdays I will upload my vlog, I know it does not seem as much and my channel will not grow much by posting twice a week. But I do hope to post more gaming videos such as; League Of Legends, The Sims 3 and in time I will post videos as I start work on my minecraft server. Maybe in time I could try and upload Outlast orĀ Amnesia The Dark Descent for a Friday Fright Night or something. I know so many people are doing that already and I was hoping to have a cam for when I filmed them last 2 games but my laptop isnt the best so I just need to make the most of what I have and plow on. My saturdays are currently free days ATM till I have my other blog set up and ready to go but I should be posting on on Saturday’s with book related things, along with uploading the vlog to youtube. I hope that doing this and sharing snip bits of my own book may help to get me back into writing again so I may be able to get my first book finished. Now I say all this as these are the plans I would like to keep to, but I have noticed that I have not mentioned anything to my other website, which includes the mincraft server. I still really wish I could peruse this as I do not plan to leave it. I just know it is something I can not do alone. The plans and idea I have in my head to do with the server is something I do not have a clue about yet its out there. I have seen servers like this so yea, I am going to be like others, I just hope I can stand out from others being a female server owner and a mother. That is something that will always make me different. This plans will change in time I just need to get a balance of what I am doing, try my best to plan ahead of myself like I am doing today as I have written this on Thursday to be posted today. That way I can try and find time to set up other things I have set up to plan, not forgetting that I have 5 kids and a large 4 bedroom house to keep and look after. So panic stations are not a thing I have, its just the stress train that is stuck at the station ATM. Other than all I have said I think I will end here amd get about my day as I should be doing… Mainly a hurl of ironing. but that means your reading this and I am posting for a Thursday, can’t say what I will be doing on saturday…. Ain’t got there yet but that is also something I need to plan for. Until Next Time “Mwah”
Mini Weekend Update: I really hope that I can keep to my plans, Would be nice to have more than 2 videos a week on my channel. (Why don’t you try daily vlogging) aha, that would kill me ATM. I think my life is to boring at this present time. Plus I am trying to decorate on a massive budget, most my cash is tied up on paying bills, buying food and its for the kids. I will still try to blog when I can, even if I have to plan ahead like I have this week. So let a new week roll on and maybe if it could bring the nice weather too I will be a happy mummy (;
Peace && Love