For Old Times Sake


I can not believe how long it has been since I last made a full post, I am always here posting but never typing much which defeats the purpose of having a blog don’t you think?!? So much has been going on in my life I really wouldn’t know where to start telling you without individual posts. There’s a challenge if you do not mind me saying. Lolz. Anywho I know I should be post more often and when things in my life are a little more settled and I am able to get my online life back to a steady pace. I should have the time to be able to post more often. I can say I changed the name to the blog… its still blogspot but I made a start as what will come is a new domain name that I know will stick and not make me stick out like a sore thumb. Im sorry its short but I need get grab some sleep before the morning blitz begins. (That’s another story) – talulajadeuk (Sam)