Oh Happy Day!

Today has been an eventful day filled with the worse moments anyone would want to hear, but with great amazing moments I won’t ever forget.

So today I took a visit to the hospital with my son he had an issues with his legs, I was somewhat scared about going to this appointment whereas the littlest monkeys were happy to play with the toys that were there. The outcome was great which kinds made me feel silly as I was told that he could be discharged as his progress has been great, but if I feel worried to get in touch.
But today was a double day, Not being able to see my mum today due to time. I should mention that my mother has been in hospital the past couple of days, she was getting better till she was given a bit of shocking news that shocked the family. “Irregular heartbeat” It sticks in my mind even now. She was utterly fine on Sunday and so have all this happen in a week has shocked me so bad. Good thing my mum is a fighter (she had me) So my family and friends have wished for a speedy recovery, and I really hope that will be so. I know how much she hates hospitals

[Ethan enjoying the news from seeing the dr’s and speaking to his nanny]

Upon coming home I was just glad to let my hair down. It was only then I noticed how long it was starting to become

Speaking of childhood days… I have my new addiction still keeping me addicted.
I’m still trying to get into it, but when I am ready I’ll be on a mass hunt for friends to visit. If I can figure it out anyways 😉
I have been thinking for some time now that since I moved to my new place that it’s need that love that only a home can be given, it’s mainly been dominated by my monkeys and there toys, gadgets and well just clutter, but after seeing a great tweet today
I felt it was time to dump the clutter (again) as I do that a lot, I felt I totally also failed with the baby steps from FlyLady so I hope to start over, or where I was into it. I take my journal everywhere yet am never in a place to work on it. I suppose I have during the day. But maybe I should write down what I do during the day before I plan what my routines should be
My day seemed to be mainly in pictures, I am sorry if it loads slow for anyone.
I was thinking of maybe a throwback Thursday, but I had to share my crazy day.
Peace && Love
Cuttie Kisses
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