NewbSchool Nightmare

I am shocked that I was able to get time to even get this out, & I know that like most of all I do that it will not be at its best. But I felt the urge to get this out as I may be able to sleep that little bit better at night knowing its all out in the open.
As of the end of june 2015 I had to end home educating my eldest son due to family issues that I could not control. Did I enjoy it? I would like to of said yes, as I do like a challenge. Yet I am sorry to say but I hated every second of it. Trying to find anything was trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I have been doing a lot of thiking as I don’t really have much else to these days is think… with my life being turned upside down. But I would like to keep NewbSchool. Hold it back and use it for maybe something in the future, be that for gaming, or self help (MummaNewb Ish) I feel I would like to help anyone who cares to read in that time that will come but as of now along with something else I have held dear for the longest time…. NewbSchool is now Closed! Until further notice 🙁