New Blog | New Rules!

Only time will tell how it will play out !

Hi Everyone, I know that when you will read this, time would of passed by as I am unsure when I will have this blog ready to go live. Now you are here, you may notice a few changes, yet the domain name ( had stayed intact. I have been a uber nerd, who has rushed into so many things since I decided to try and be more out there in the world wide web of social media. I was already here but you never would of heard of me. I spent most my time in the shadows supporting others who I really was kind of a fan of. Now I wanted to venture out on my own. With my small knowledge and skill, I kind of still do to this day I hope to be able to make a name for myself being #MummaNewb.

We all need to start somewhere right, be that in anything that we do or we learn. Just for me I seem to repeat myself over and over again, trying to be something I never will be if I don’t stick to it. So here I am, I am going to try my best and see where it takes me. Now if your reading this thinking another one looking for fame and fortune… I am not looking for that. I am mainly here because I want to be, because like some would say I am a bored housewife (yet I am not married, nor does that mean I am a single mother) I am here because I want to say I tried, I want to leave my mark. I want a place that if I work hard my children can take over and continue to keep it going. Living the dream in a way that most people wouldn’t think was a dream, but to me sitting at home. It is!

So this place still needs a lot of work, I mean I have opened early mainly because the template I was using did not let me preview any of my work I wanted so I was forced to start a new blog to work on, but it wasn’t going to be the same as the links wouldn’t match and I want this place to be like a online home to me. so to make it look clean, neat and tidy… (something I try to teach my kids but they prefer to make there mess) A place that welcomes anyone. I want this place to make people feel like they want to come back. I know on my past blog, that it may of taken of long time for me to figure out what I was as a blogger. Now I know, I AM MYSELF. I don’t want to be put into a section where people can then decide if they want to view me or not. I want to be viewed because there was something they wanted to see. If I slot into different categories then so be it, but I know myself I will always be me, just I will grow older each day. The amount of times I had the chance to start this from all the years I have been online and I am starting now. All this time I could of made the mistakes and learnt from them. I decided to be a parent back then, I felt learning them skills and traits of being a mother was more important to me. To this day they still are, just as my little ones get older I seem to find time during my day that I can join the bandwagon and be like thousand of others all trying to be themselves by blogging, vlogging, or whatever they feel they love and want to share with the world.

I could go on and on, as I have so much to tell you all, 
but if I went and done that… I wouldn’t be blogging right!

Until my next one
Peace && Love