Mumma the hoarder

It is human nature to keep hold of items we get attached to rather than do away with them. This is commonly known as ‘hoarding’. Although some people are more prone to this than others (mothers and grandmothers!), most people are guilty of it to some degree or another.
It’s official I’m a hoarder 😮 I don’t know if most of you know that my mother died. But after removing her home I took a long hard look at my own. I saw that I was hoarding so much unwanted things. I began a couple of weeks ago to collect them all together and donated most of it away. From clothing to books, shoes and household items. I felt so happy knowing that all my old things would do someone else good. My hoard is still going to this very moment as my hoard fetish is a big deal.
I have pens and pencils all over the house, elastic bands too :/ and now I am looking at my two new jobs (Avon & Kleeneze) I have seen I am starting on them too. I began to look into this hoarding I had been doing for a long time and felt it was down to my anxiety which I battle on a daily basis.
I have also come to think that maybe this could be why I began to fail on projects I start, even blogging I get such a hype from the build up but I soon stop in fear, but it is something I am working on so I can get myself back on a better routine again like I was starting to do a long time ago.
Sharing this with you is a massive milestone that I am glad I was able to share, I have lived in a bubble for to long and I know that if I do not speak out I can get get any better so here is my milestone complete. So now I can face my next one.
Speak Soon xx #LoveLula
((If the blog has hit you in a way that you can relate. I have said please contact your local Doctor and speak to them about your feelings so you can begin to take your journey of facing your issues))