Mumma Newbing It.

The Big Plan

So a new and spooky month has begun, and I am still struggling to get myself back to how I used to be. Making my videos, doing my blogs. But I just hope that what I am doing pays of in the long run. As harsh as this may sound, I hope to be able to post a blog each month till the end of the year. Seeing as we are now in October that means I only have two months to go till the year is over. I know I said when I came back aka the typical MummaNewb build up with her #MummaNewbComeback.It really didn’t go to plan at all. I would say I am all “Woe is me” But I am not going to even think that way as I feel that was one of my past problems in the first place. So…. I have made a comeback, I am here now and not with a broken laptop anymore… My comeback wasn’t all “Wow” in effect but I am just a nobody… trying to be a somebody. I am a mum to 5 amazing kids who support me in anything.


My plan is to start posting to twitter more often like I used to… Starting with my random babble that 9/10 may lose me followers, but maybe they just wasn’t meant to be. I also hope to maybe start a MondayTrend! (Naff right?) I want to post Motivation Quotes that may help with your day and even mine, because sometimes its the little things that can make or break someones day. They will be linked under the #MummaNewb hashtag along with #MotivationMonday hashtag.
I will be starting out slowly, but if I don’t allow things to overwhelm me so much I should be fine.
My life before the summer had started to feel as if it was all in sync, schedule… So living for the moment which I love to do was well out of the window seeing as I was knowing what my plans were for the week ahead. Along with that feeling I felt I had no time to be me. To stop and read a good book, or catch up with old friends be that outside the house or online

Sometimes there is being depressed, and sometimes there is being depressed and knowing that you are. I feel torn of how I can overcome it most days I feel that being fake and sticking that fake “I’m okay” smile on is the best way I can deal with it. Yet it isn’t helping as I am still living with it.