Moving On (PT.2)

Hello Readers, I am back after such a long time away without you all. I would love to say we have so much to catch up on but I am guessing that you already know that too. :p
In the last time I last posted I can only say that my life has crashed more than it ever has. Some know why others well I feel I am not ready to disclose that kind of information. I have felt lower than low with the only way I can get by is to keep my head held high and getting on as each day has gone by.
Watching each and every waking day as I see my life come to a slow close and fighting to keep what I have left and keeping my family together at the same time, but even I managed to even allow that to slip in my feeble fingers. Leaving and making me feel like nothing but a shell of what I used to be.
I have no witty comeback and no way I can say at the present time how I can get myself back on track, or I may just say I will leave that for a new blog post to come in the near future. As I have had to make some small changes to my life which has placed a faint smile on my face, it has given me a small piece of hope that I cant just give up yet. I am still here writing now so all that leave me to say.
Sorry I am not good enough to be able to keep what I wanted to do going. Things happen for a reason and for the love of jellie beans if I ever find out what that is I know I can move on from this sinking gut depression that has now taken over once more, just for a whole new reason.
Forgive me and know I love you all