Moving On, Personal Update.

Hello Newbers, I feel seeing when I started back in 2013, I brought a piece of myself onto the internet. Introduced you into my family… Took you on my dreams which still may come.
Even showed you the behind the scenes of my home as I got my kitchen done, Told you of my depression and how I am trying to overcome it. To trying to grow on YouTube.
It has been a fun couple of years… Memories I want to and do not want to forget. But as time goes by I noticed that I began to drift from what I started to adore, cherish and love. I had so much on my plate, that I did not notice how much I was really taking on and that I really couldn’t cope.
Now I am trying to slowly make my comeback, as MummaNewb and Talulajadeuk. I have had a lot of time to think while I have been out of the loop. Mainly playing Minecraft and living on a few of my favourite servers (So not advertising at all, promise.) ArkhamNetworkEcoCityCraft, Hypixel, and CastleCraft. I even became staff on ArkhamNetwork, But given time I slowly began to fade as my mother’s health got worse, my kids got sick again and again and I was last to catch what was left.
I felt drained that finding time to do anything was a hard thing to do. But now I am feeling a bit more on track of myself and feeling a lot more like me (Wonder how long this will last for?) I want to take my mini mumma empire to a new level. This began around April 2015 where I wanted to look for a specific e-mail, yet still now I am unable to find it. Which made me see my online life was a complete mess, maybe even worse than my actual life. Shocked by this I knew that it would take time and patience but I needed to get myself sorted out (maybe even find that e-mail)
It was then I was on this scary mother mission that no one could get me off. Any mothers who have been though that experience will know what I am talking about. But from April (seeing as it was a new tax year) I felt starting from there, hauling, finding, digging, and making a decisions was needed as bad as I am at hoarding and never letting go. I now have been ruthless and disposing from my life that is no longer needed. Has it made me feel any better? Yes I could say it has, but it has also opened past memories I forgot about, finding it hard to let them go was a painful thing for me to do. But hoping that what I have planned in my scatty mummanewb head I hope that I will be able to create new memories that will be able to stay forever and I will be able to also share them with you all.I say that, but I have no idea at all who even reads my blogs. Be that here or my other one when it was live. (Add to to-do list) With that being said I would love to continue as my brain could go on and on for days but I wanted to hold back and save what else I have to say for what I can only call…
Moving On (PT.2)
Until my next post, Peace && Love