Minecraft Series Is Back!

Hi, I’m back and yet again I am trying to start yet again a new minecraft series.
I have spent the longest time trying to get this right, even if it still has a few flaws. I am still shy and I still talk babble but its the start of something new, fully packed with mods that I have been playing about with, to make my modpack better in game. It seems to be going quite well. So I decided to turn the mobs on to make it a little better seeing as I scream like a child.
I am a little wary as I know I have lost followers due to my lack of videos, but I am still trying and trying to start out on youtube again after being away for years and not being used to the way of making videos in a new way, is really freaky for me to get my head around. As I have always said I do not claim to be a fantastic Youtuber, nor do I claim to be a minecraft/gaming pro. I am just a mum in the UK who likes to play games and wants to share her journey